Landscapes of Azerbaijan, Karabakh – the unique part of Azerbaijan.

Country: Azerbaijan – City: Baku – Address: Fortis Academy


Karabakh – an unique part of Azerbaijan. Karabakh region was under the occupation over the 30 years. All infrastructures and settlements were destroyed by the war and occupants. Nowadays the Azerbaijan Republic government is giving effort to reconstruction and rebuilt the Karabakh region. There is the new  international road – corridor trough Armenia, which will connect Europe, Turkiye, Azerbaijan and Central Asia to China. So, it is very important to rise the Karabakh regions economy. To rise the economy and agriculture and tourism of Karabakh. Its landscapes, tourism potential, resources. The Big Returning – Boyuk Qayidis. Dr. Zaur Imrany describes the region of Karabakh. The work of the scientists of the Academy of Science of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Geography Institute. About smart village Aghaly in Karabakh. New resercher and scientist of ASAR GI ms Beyimkhanim. Ms Beyimkhanim presented the tourism potential and resources of Karabakh. Participants of the event were the scientists and the geography teachers, students. Host of the event is the Fortis Academy. The presenter is the geography teacher and iGeo Azerbaijan team leader mr Yashar Seyidaliyev.

Main objectives:

Event language: Azerbaijany

The event will be: Online

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Reference person: mr Yashar Seyidaliyev – Role or function: iGeo Azerbaijan  team leader, geography teacher at Fortis Academy and Baku school number 8  – Reference organization: Fortis Academy

Those who organize are: Geography scientists, teachers, students

Estimated starting time (local time): 9:00:00 PM

Expected duration: around 1 hour

Event program: 21:00 presenter mr Yashar Seyidaliyev,  21:15 dr Zaur Imrany,    21:30 ms Beyimkhanim

GeoNight code: 230003

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