Geografía filarmónica: Música y territorios (Philharmonic Geography: Music and territories).

Country: Colombia – City: Valledupar – Address: Auditorio de la Biblioteca Departamental Rafael Carrillo Lúquez Calle 15 N° 12 A Esquina


The landscapes could be highly appreciated with a soundtrack. For this reason, we organize a concert with the Cesar philharmonic. This concert will be accompanied by projections of images that refer to the landscapes that are evoked or named in the musical program, which includes regional pieces, as well as some popular melodies of universal cultural music. Moreover, we will accompany reading fragments of poems or short literary texts about landscapes.

Main objectives:

The purpose of this activity is to make visible that regional popular music can be played in a philharmonic format and appreciate its melodies with the landscapes. We also want to bring the public closer to geography and classical music.

Event language: Spanish

The event will be: Presence

Link (for online events): it will be displayed here as soon as possible

Reference person: Sairi Piñeros – Role or function: Assistant professor – Reference organisation: National University of Colombia – La Paz, UGI Colombia

Those who organize are: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Fundación Filarmónica del Cesar. Corporación Biblioteca Departamental ‘Rafael Carrillo Lúquez’.

Estimated starting time (local time): 3:00:00 PM

Expected duration: around 4 hours

Event program: 

3:00 – 4:00 PM – Conference Ecological impact of organic pollution on the community dynamics in the Ciénaga de Zapatosa, Cesar by Luis Ángel Acosta Murgas.

5:00 – 7:00 PM – Concert Philharmonic Geography.

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