Play and learn

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska) – City: PETRINJA – Address:


Set of games with various topics in geography. Escape room, online mapping, Saving the teacher from the castle, online quizzes. Lets have fun learning geography…

Main objectives:

To have fun while learning. We need some positive spirt in our hometown that got struck by earthquage 6,2 magnitude two years ago. We want our school to be epicentar of change and start involving community in work that our school does.

Event language: Croatian

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events):

Temperatura i tlak zraka
Zračna strujanja
Vode na kopnu
Tla: svojstva i sastav
Tla Hrvatske
NP i PP u RH
Biljni pokrov RH
Hrvatske planine i gore
Naselja Središnje Hrvatske
Biološka struktura stanovništva
Migracije stanovništva
Održivi turizam
Strategija održivog razvoja RH
For code to enter online exhibition please write email to

Reference person: Dragana Jurčević-Vukšić – Role or function: Geography teacher – Reference organization: Srednja škola Petrinja

Those who organize are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Students

Estimated starting time (local time): 7:24:00 PM

Expected duration: the whole evening

Event program:
During the day: Teacher Dragana Jurčević-Vukšić uploads her own materials (online quizzes, tests, maps) and helps student with IKT. She organizes online meetings with students from Srednja škola Petrinja who are also uploading their own materials for gaming and  their maps for digital exhibition.  

From 19:00 gaming night, have fun and learn. Be sure to also checkout our online exhibition:) 


GeoNight code: 230016