Upoznaj moj grad – Zadar (Zadar – city tour)

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska) – City: Zadar – Address: Hrvatska, Zadar


Students of Elementary school Smiljevac – Zadar will visit the old town of Zadar where they will learn some new facts about the most important monuments of the city and take some pictures of the monuments and streets. They will use theese pictures to make a digital book about Zadar. They will also represent you the most important monuments in picture and voice description. You will have the opportunity to get to know Zadar in Croatian and English language.

Main objectives:

Presentation of historical and cultural heritage of Zadar.

Event language: hrvatski, engleski

The event will be: city tour – digital book about Zadar

Link (for online events): Upoznaj moj grad – Zadar (hrvatski)  Zadar – city tour (english)

Reference person: Josipa Zanki – Role or function: geography teacher – Reference organization: OS Smiljevac, HGD Zadar

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts, Students

Estimated starting time (local time):

Expected duration:

Event program: Upoznaj moj grad – Zadar


GeoNight code: 230032