Geography, Sport and Climate Change

Country: England – City: Northampton – Address:


Taking a geographical approach this event will explore the impacts of climate change on sport around the world. Drawing on the specialist research expertise of staff at the University of Northampton this event will introduce participants to the ‘Geographies of Sport’ with a specific focus on how global climate change is, and will in the future, impact on sport. The event will comprise of a short pre-recorded lecture and a series of interactive case studies that will allow participants to explore the sports that are most appealing to them. The material will ‘go live’ online on the 14th April 2023, but will remain accessible to the public via the University website after the event has concluded.

Main objectives:

Event language: English

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events):

Reference person: Catherine Waite – Role or function: Senior Lecturer – Reference organization: University of Northampton

Those who organize are: Academics

Estimated starting time (local time): At your own convenience – web-based activities available to access at anytime

Expected duration: around 30 minutes

Event program: Introductory activities, case studies on Football, Cricket and Formual 1. These activities can be completed at the same time or individually when you have time available to do them.


GeoNight code: 230043