Country: España, Spain – City: Zaragoza – Address: Pedro Cerbuna s/n

Description: You take photos of your city throughout the day and upload them to the map.

149 / 5.000

Resultados de traducción

Resultado de traducción

Creation of a collaborative map with images of the cities in spring or autumn. ESRI’s Survey123 platform will be used for its preparation.


Main objectives:

  • Get as much participation as possible.
  • Create a collaborative map with images of cities in spring.
  • Highlight the importance of GIT in the teaching of Geography.
  • Show the possibilities of carrying out collaborative projects with different parts of the world.

Event language: Any

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events): Click on this link to access the application.

Reference person: Carlos Guallart Moreno – Role or function: Profesor colaborar extrordinario de la Universidad de Zaragoza – Reference organization: Universidad de Zaragoza

Those who organize are: Academics

Estimated starting time (local time): 9:00:00 AM

Expected duration: until late at night

Event program: There is no program


GeoNight code: 230047