I parchi storici: laboratori di etica ambientale e culturale

Country: Italia – City: Sant’Agata li Battiati (CT) – Address: Italia, Sant’Agata li Battiati, Via Roma 61

Historic parks: laboratories of environmental and cultural ethics.

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The interpenetration between inhabited centers and historic gardens with imposing patrician residences expresses the paradox of numerous Sicilian urban landscapes, generated by a planning will that responds above all to the impulses of the market. The noise of motor traffic, the skyscrapers, the terraced houses, the shopping malls that characterize urban life seem to want to swallow up some historic parks, real cultural assets as they preserve a heritage of biodiversity and historical-architectural eminences of great aesthetic and identifying value. For this reason, historic parks are stimulating open-air educational laboratories of environmental and cultural ethics. They represent a place-guide, within chaotic cities, to reflect on the current natural and climatic imbalances and on the loss of landscape-territorial identity; a naturalistic scenery to decode the knowledge that pertains to ecosystems and biodiversity; a recreational space.

Lezione-passeggiata nello scenario del parco alla scoperta della biodiversità naturale e dei simboli geoculturali.

Main objectives:

Educare alla crescita etica e alle scelte responsabili nei confronti dell’ambiente. Ampliare e consolidare la conoscenza dell’identità paesistico-territoriale.

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