Taste the place

Country: Italia – City: Verbania – Address: Via Belgio, 1


The GEONIGHT event 2023 “Taste the Place” is the closing event of the international Spring School to be held in Verbania focusing on methodological and interpretative tools to analyse the relationship between food festivals, wellness, cultural heritage and tourism. It represents a divulging and disseminating moment aimed at extending to civil society, operators, and interested parties’ reflections on the relationship between food and territorial development.

Main objectives:

To offer reflection and discussion on current issues concerning the relationship between food, festivals, wellness and tourism by involving different stakeholders, and in particular by broadening the audience outside the academic network

Event language: english

The event will be: Mixed (Online AND in presence)

Link (for online events): Live on Youtube

Reference person: Stefania Cerutti – Role or function: Professor of Geography, Director of Study Center Upontourism – Reference organization: Upontourism Study Center

Those who organize are: Academics, Students, PhD Students, postdoc, researcher

Estimated starting time (local time): 6:00:00 PM

Expected duration: around 2 hours

Event program: Click here

GeoNight code: 230147