What the dunes of the Curonian Spit tell us

Country: Lietuva (Lithuania) – City: Neringa – Address: Nagliu g. 8, Neringa

First event – hike on Parnidis dune with prof.dr. Albertas Bitinas (geologist) “What the dunes of the Curonian Spit tell us?” (starts 17:15 to 20:00 at Nagliu str. 8, registration is required, the number of places is limited)
Second event – evening conversations about the Curonian Spit with prof.dr. Albertas Bitinas (geologist) (starts 21:00 at nature school of Curonian Spit National Park administration)

Main objectives:

To provide information about the formation of the Curonian Spit, its characteristics and uniqueness.

Event language: Lithuanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Link (for online events): it will be displayed here as soon as possible

Reference person: Kornelija Dambrauskiene – Role or function: Ecologist – Reference organization: Curonian Spit National Park

Those who organize are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, specialists of protected area

Estimated starting time (local time): 10:00:00 AM

Expected duration: the whole evening

Event program:


GeoNight code: 230168