View Of The World

Country: Lietuva (Lithuania) – City: Tytuvenai – Address: Lithuania, Kelme distr., Tytuvenai, Taikos street, Nr. 6


The event consists 3 parts. 1. Exhibition of student paintings “Colors of my Land”. 2. Quiz for students. 3. Presentation of the photo-exhibition of the traveler and journalist Nijole Petrosiute.

Main objectives:

Students will be interested in other countries and their culture, nature conservation and global diversity. They will paint the most beautiful places of their country and the world and present them in the exhibition.
The local community will get to know the traveler’s photos and impressions.

Event language: Lithuanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Link (for online events): it will be displayed here as soon as possible

Reference person: Monika Sakiene – Role or function: administrator of event – Reference organization: Tytuvenai Cultural Center

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts, Students

Estimated starting time (local time): 2:00:00 PM

Expected duration: around 3 hours

Event program: it will be displayed here as soon as possible


GeoNight code: 230173