View Of The World

Country: Lietuva (Lithuania) – City: Tytuvenai – Address: Lithuania, Kelme distr., Tytuvenai, Taikos street, Nr. 6


The event consists 3 parts. 1. Exhibition of student paintings “Colors of my Land”. 2. Quiz for students. 3. Presentation of the photo-exhibition of the traveler and journalist Nijole Petrosiute.

Main objectives:

Students will be interested in other countries and their culture, nature conservation and global diversity. They will paint the most beautiful places of their country and the world and present them in the exhibition.
The local community will get to know the traveler’s photos and impressions.

Event language: Lithuanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Link (for online events): it will be displayed here as soon as possible

Reference person: Monika Sakiene – Role or function: administrator of event – Reference organization: Tytuvenai Cultural Center

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts, Students

Estimated starting time (local time): 2:00:00 PM

Expected duration: around 3 hours

Event program: it will be displayed here as soon as possible


“GeoNight” in Tytuvėnai

For the first time Tytuvėnai cultural center joined the international platform of public events promoting geography “European Geography Night“. Three events took place on April 14.

First of all, Tytuvėnai Gymnasium students and their geography teacher Rosita Marcinkienė were invited to take part in a geography knowledge quiz. Five teams of gymnasium students competed hard and finally there was no one winner, because two teams were always going hand in hand and had the same number of points.

Tytuvėnai Gymnasium art teacher Danguolė Žukauskienė has prepared an exhibition of students’ drawings “Colours of my Land”, which was presented to the community of the gymnasium: students, teachers and parents. Children depicted the countries they have already visited or would like to visit in the future.

Click the link to see the pupils‘ artworks:

Piešinių paroda „Žemės spalvos“ | Kelmės rajono Tytuvėnų gimnazija (

The evening was devoted to a cosy meeting with long-time journalist and traveller Nijolė Petrošiūtė, who told the local community about her journeys. Nijolė Petrošiūtė had approximately 70 travels, so she amiably shared her experience, practical travel tips, most memorable moments and answered a lot of curious questions. Participants had the opportunity to see the collection of photographs of various places around the world. The evening was hosted and all the events of this project in Tytuvėnai were arranged by the cultural center event organiser Monika Sakienė.

 Moments of the event:

Quiz in Tytuvėnai Gymnasium


“Colours of my Land”


Meeting with journalist and traveler Nijolė Petrošiūtė


Thanks to the organisers, we are glad to take part in such a great joint celebration!


GeoNight code: 230173