Žygis palei Ūlos upę

Country: Lietuva (Lithuania) – City: Varėna – Address: Zervynų traukinių stotis, Varėnos r. sav., Lietuva


At Geography Night, the Young Geographers Club (Egea_Vilnius) invites you to the hike along Ūla river where we will explore the incredible shores of the river and the surrounding beauties together!

Main objectives:

Event language: Lithuanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Link (for online events):

Reference person: Evelina Savickaitė – Role or function: Local activity coordinator – Reference organization: Jaunųjų geografų klubas

Those who organize are: Students

Estimated starting time (local time): around 9h

Expected duration: the whole evening

Event program: Hike along Ūla river


GeoNight code: 230174