GeoHeart 2023

Country: Lietuva (Lithuania) – City: Vilkaviškis – Address: Vytauto g. 26 , Vilkaviskis LT-70125


Young people aged 14-29 will gather together and divide in groups to participate in an “Treasure Hunt” game in the town of Vilkaviskis. When they come back, they will cook a dish for themselves (something they decide in advance), share their experiences of the Treasure Hunt – each team will find a few interesting geographical statements, postcards, etc and will have to connect the right ones (facts and postcards of the same place will be found in different teams). Later, everybody will share they travel stories (LOCAL, INTERNATIONAL – different ways of travelling). Everybody will stay at the center for the night and there will be a possibily to watch a movie, play board games (we have a few good geographical ones), dance, learn/teach languages of the world, etc.

Main objectives:

To strengthen the identity and the feeling of belonging to the local community and learn new facts about different cultures of the world.

Event language: Lithuanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Link (for online events): it will be displayed here as soon as possible

Reference person: Rasa Venclove – Role or function: Youth worker – Reference organization: Vilkaviskis Children and Youth Centre

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts

Estimated starting time (local time): 7:00:00 PM

Expected duration: Around 15 hours – till next morning.

Event program: it will be displayed here as soon as possible


GeoNight code: 230175