The young researchers discover the geodiversity of Indonesia with GEOpractices

Country: Polska (Poland)

City: Poznan


GEOpraktyki is an interdisciplinary scientific project bringing together students and doctoral students of the Faculty of Geographical and Geological Sciences at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. The main goal for the project as a whole is to cut the distance, break the stereotypes, achieve the unattainable and develop in the field!

In 2022, a group of students and doctoral students associated with seventh edition of GEOpraktyki took part in an amazing adventure to the Pacific Ring of Fire, where they carried out their own research while traversing the islands of Indonesia. The main objective of the 7th edition of the GEOpraktyki project was a giant diversity of this country, also in terms of tourist sector.

During the lecture, the results of the conducted research will be presented, with particular emphasis on (1) the impact of cultural and religious diversity on the offer tourist study area, (2) assessments opportunities for the development of active tourism on the example of volcanic tourism (3) the cultural heritage of Indonesia and tourist souvenirs. Moreover, participants enriched the whole presentation with some basic information about UNESCO geosites with World Geoparks, meteorological conditions and earthquakes which are significant for this region of the world


Main objectives:

Students (before and after the trip) popularize science through a series of scientifical lectures organized in schools, cultural centers, at the universities, as well as performances in the mainstream media and travel festivals. During the trip, they become proud ambassadors of their Alma Mater by establishing contacts with sponsors, foreign university centers, students and carry out field research. Speeches at scientific conferences stimulate young scientists to become even more involved in the extra activities, and inspire others to carry out their own projects. The cyclical nature and recognition of the project shape the positive perception of science within the walls of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan.

Our goal? We want to break the stereotype of the student-bummer, deeply rooted in the consciousness of lecturers, as well as students themselves. We are changing attitudes towards students, showing that we can be valuable partners in teaching and research. We inspire colleagues to take on difficult challenges, and show the fascinating side of geographic science. Finally, we prove to Polish society that it is worth to invest in young people.

Event language: polski/polish

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events):   link – Teams

Reference person: Magdalena Kugiejko

Role or function: Assistant profesor

Reference organization: Oddzial Poznanskiego Polskiego Towarzystwa Geograficznego

Those who organize are: Students

Estimated starting time (local time): 6:00:00 PM

Expected duration: around 1 hour

Event program: it will be displayed here as soon as possible




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