Using phones to collect urban geographical information

Country: Romania – City: Bucharest – Address: Bd. N. Balcescu, Nr. 1, Sector 1


Participants will attend live demonstrations on how to use the personal smartphone in collecting geographical and environmental information. A series of exercises will be performed to allow them to understand the possibilities of both collecting individual data, joining initiatives of citizen-science and also downloading and using open-source data.

Main objectives: (i) understanding the types of geographical information and the main data types, (ii) recognizing the features of mobile phones which can help us collect data, (iii) field-exercises of collecting information with personal smarphones.

Event language: Romanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence – Register HERE.

Reference person: Mihai Razvan Nita – Role or function: Professor – Reference organization: Department of Regional Geography and Environment, Faculty of Geography, University of Bucharest

Those who organize are: Academics

Estimated starting time (local time): 18:00 PM

Expected duration: around 1 hour

Event program:
18:00 – Meetup at the Fountain of the University Square.
18:05 – Introduction of participants.
18:10 – Types of geographical information which can be collected on the field.
18:25 – Mobile phone features which can be used in the process.
18:35 – Downloading and installing a specific test app.
18:45 – Exercise of mapping and measuring with the phone.
19:00 – Q&A and concluding remarks.


GeoNight code: 230236