Bucuresti, incantat de cunostinta! (Bucharest, nice to meet you)

Country: Romania – City: Bucharest – Address: Faculty of Geographers, University of Bucharest, Nicolae B?lcescu 1 Boulevard, Bucharest 010041


Volunteers from the Geography Student Association-ASG formed the project eight years ago: Bucharest, nice to meet you! This project is based on walking tours through Bucharest, intended for national and international students, being supported in both Romanian and English. Throughout the academic year, the volunteer guides, having received training through public speaking training and practice tours, take the mysteries and curiosities of the capital through more than 15 guided tours supported by students, but not only because over the years they have also presented to teachers or students.

Main objectives:

This project also has objectives: creating the working context to facilitate the development of tour guide skills by presenting the cultural objectives of Bucharest; promotion of guide activity through the project; appreciation of a good documentation of the tourist objective

Event language: Romanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Link (for online events): it will be displayed here as soon as possible

Reference person: Camelia Sovilgau – Role or function: The person coordinating the project from the association – Reference organization: ASG-Asocia?ia Studen?ilor Geografi (Association Geography Students)

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts, Students

Estimated starting time (local time): 10:00:00 AM

Expected duration: around 2 hours

Event program: it will be displayed here as soon as possible


GeoNight code: 230237