GeoNight – Fun Run and Talk (GeoFun Week)

GeoNight – Fun Run and Talk (GeoFun Week)

Short presentation of the event: In the development of geography study, more than 90% of human life aspects are based on geospatial information (GI) technology. GI is one of the main parts of geography which is currently a major homework in Indonesia as stated in Government Regulation Number 45/2021 concerning Cooperation between the Central Government and State-Owned Enterprises in Providing Basic Geospatial Information, and Presidential Regulations Number 11/2021 concerning the Implementation of Geospatial Information. For example, the application of geospatial information technology includes the online motorcycle taxi application, location sharing in chat applications, and other tracker features integrated into smartphones. However, until now, Indonesian society is still illiterate regarding the use of technology that is integrated with geospatial information. Therefore the Indonesian Geographical Society (IGI) will join the Association of Geographical Societies in Europe (EUGEO) and the International Geography Union (IGU) in a series of activities packaged in the international “Night of Geography” or GeoNight. In this participation, IGI will be able to further socialize geography both nationally and internationally, especially with a series of activities for one week, including a six-day GeoFun Run event, and ended with a GeoFun Talk attended by all IGI administrators, members, and the general public. Through a fun atmosphere, we wish that the public will more familiar with the science of geography: geography for all, geography for a better Earth.


Objectives: To socialize geography by the fun activities: GeoFun Run and GeoFun Talk

Event language: Bahasa Indonesia

Country: Indonesia

City: Yogyakarta

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events): [it will be displayed here as soon as possibile]

Reference person: Dr. M. Dimyati, M.Si.

Role or Function: Chairman of Indonesian Geographical Society (IGI)

Reference Organization (if any):

Those who organize are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Artists, Students, Public

Expected duration: a week

Event program: [to be be displayed here as soon as possibile]