Blue Ball – The City of Light

Blue Ball – The City of Light

Short presentation of the event: In the first part of the event pupils of 4th and 5th grade will listen the lecture about planets. In the second part of the event pupils will observe digital map of the stellar night. Through the online aplications like Stellarium – open source planetarium, they will learn about stars in the sky, planets, natural and artificial sattelites, about our galaxy and magical occurrences in the firmament. After the magic in the night sky the pupils will walk through the virtual interactive map of their city Gospić.


Objectives: Learning about solar system, developing the child’s imagination and the encouragement the their curiosity, involving the pupils to research their town and emphasize the beauty of it.

Event language: Croatian

Country: Hrvatska

City: Gospić

The event will be: “Live” in presence (if allowed by the covid rules, otherwise it will be online)

Link (for online events): Link to video

Reference person: Ana Nikšić

Role or Function: Teacher (1. – 4. grade in elementary school)

Reference Organization (if any):

Those who organize are: Teachers in elementary school

Expected duration: around 2 hours

Event program: Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we were not able to make the live event. But we made a video with all the planned events and those that took place. Link to video