Geography of Cape Town: from Geology to People

Geography of Cape Town: from Geology to People

Short presentation of the event: Exploring the geography of Cape Town – how its geology, geomorphology, vegetation and people have shaped the city. We take a brief look at the natural aspects of the city with Prof Mike Meadows and explore some of the themes around food and culture with Ayesha Francis who is studying Cape Malay cooking traditions and the link between food and various forms of power. 

Objectives: A brief exploration into the natural environment of Cape Town and the Cape Malay traditional cooking that helped shape the city and the country.

Event language: English

Country: South Africa

City: Cape Town

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events): [Join URL:]

Reference person: Johanna von Holdt/Michael Meadows

Role or Function: Lecturer/Emeritus Professor

Reference Organization (if any): University of Cape Town

Those who organize are: Academics, Students

Expected duration: around 1 hour (19:00 to 20:00 SAST)

Event program: [to be be displayed here as soon as possibile]

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