Heritography, a dialogue between heritage and geography – Heritography, patrimonio e geografia in dialogo

Heritography, a dialogue between heritage and geography – Heritography, patrimonio e geografia in dialogo – Verbania (Italy), 9 april 2021

Short presentation of the event: Presentation event of the territorial and research project Commonlands that generated the “heritography”, also in relation with a new volume released at the end of March 2021. The neologism “heritography” allows to combine heritage and geography: in this perspective territories create a sort of generative matrix and, at the same time, outline their evolutionary dynamics in the sustainability horizon.

Main targets are made by UPO bachelor and master students in tourism, local communities involved in the Commonlands project, local inhabitants, university’s and bodies’ involved stakeholders.

Objectives: The event aims to bring to the audience attention the role that geography, in particular cultural geography, can play today in the context of paths of signification and representation of territorial heritages with specific reference to participatory and shared processes by the communities.

Event language: Italian

Country: Italy

City: Verbania, Piemonte

The event will be: online, transmitted from Villa San Remigio (speakers on site)

Link (for online events): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_m7AK_NW0Y 6 pm CET

Reference person: Stefania Cerutti

Role or Function: Associate Professor of Economic Political Geography (UPO), Director of Upontourism, President of ArsUniVco

Reference Organization (if any): Upontourism and ArsUniVco

Those who organize are: University of Piemonte Orientale (UPO), Upontourism

Expected duration: 75 minutes

Event program:

6 pm               Opening Welcome and Greetings –  Andrea Cottini (Moderator)

Riccardo Brezza, Councilor for culture of the Municipality of Verbania

Massimo Bocci, President of Val Grande Nazional Park

6.15 pm          Introduction on Heritography

Stefania Cerutti, Director Upontourism, President of ArsUniVco


6.35 pm          Giulia Damiani, Facilitator of Commonlands project

6.50 pm          Paola Menzardi, Collaborator of Commonlands project

7.05 pm               Questions Time

7.15 pm          Discussion and Conclusion (Stefania Cerutti)