“The Milky Way”

“The Milky Way”

We will gather to speak about “The Milky Way” in our youth center or online (depending on the allowances first), have a short quiz and later when it gets dark we will go for a walking tour and see the sky, trying to find objects belonging to the Milky Way if the night sky is clear.


Objectives: Social inclusion, finding out new things about the galaxy.

Event language: Lithuanian

Country: Lithuania

City: Vikaviskis

The event will be: Mixed (Online AND in presence)

Link (for online events):

ID 838 4046 0051

Reference person: Rasa Venclove

Role or Function: Youth worker

Reference Organization (if any): Vilkaviskis Open Youth Center

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts

Expected duration: until there are participants, no longer than midnight

Event program:

6-7:30  PM – discussions, quizz, sharing information (Zoom if live is not possible)

7:30-8 PM – getting ready for a walking trip

8 PM till midnight – walking trip and exploration of the sky.