Introduce Croatia and say hello to Poland!

Introduce Croatia and say hello to Poland!

Short presentation of the event: We will meet students from Primary school in Lubzca, Poland. We will both share videos and present both countries. Students will play a Kahoot! quiz and see how much they know about each country.

Objectives: Encourage students to explore and travel and to overcome language difficulties. Develop their geographical knowledge, share interesting facts.

Event language: English, Polish, Croatian

Country: Hrvatska

City: Split

The event will be: Online and on-site

Link (for online events):

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Meeting ID: 951 286 3499
Passcode: 0iibmj


Reference person: Tihana Modrić

Role or Function: geography teacher

Reference Organization (if any):

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts, Geography and EFL teachers and students

Expected duration: approx. 2 hours

Event program:

Preparation for GeoNight:

  1. Online workshop about creating eBooks
  2. Online workshop about using Prezzi for presentations
  3. Online meeting to create posters for the event
  4. National team work to create a booklet with national legends
  5. National team work to create story-telling movies about homecountries

GeoNight International Meeting plan:

  1. Presentation of Croatia and Poland with story-telling method
  2. Working in groups – creating a leaflet with 5 natural wonders of Poland and Croatia
  3. Presenting  3 legends from each country
  4. Kahoot quiz about Croatia and Poland
  5. Evaluation of the meeting