Mapathon Missing Maps – HuMap Trier with CartONG

Mapathon Missing Maps – HuMap Trier with CartONG

Short presentation of the event: A mapathon is a collaborative mapping workshop (online or in-person). The concept is simple : the participants are mapping on OpenStreetMap (so-called ‘Wikipedia for maps’) with simple tools and from satellite imagery, world’s areas literally ‘missing’ from maps or undermapped. To create maps serves for better resilience and better living conditions for people living in these places.



Event language: English

Country: Germany

City: Trier

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events): Registration:

Reference person: Laure Mercier

Role or Function: Project assistant

Reference Organization (if any): HuMap Trier

Those who organize are: Students

Expected duration: 2 hours – 17h-19h (UTC+2)

Event program: [to be be displayed here as soon as possible]