How do we perceive our cities? A serious geo-game

How do we perceive our cities?

Short presentation of the event: Digital has become part of our lives. Whether we want it or not, whether we realize it or not, we generate data all the time, we exist on digital platforms all the time, our digital data and profiles are processed all the time by algorithms and artificial intelligences, and this has impact on our world and on how we are able to experience it.

This has impact on the ways in which we can perceive our cities.

When, in 1960, Kevin Lynch wrote “the Image of the City” he dealt with the concept of imageability and readability of the city: of how people see and interpret the city, build their own image of it, their mental maps of the city, through the things they see, remember, the messages and signage they perceive and, in general, through the elements and signs of the urban landscape.

How we perceive our cities? How the technology affects our perception?

A serious geo-game will take place ………


Objectives: A serious game of talking about and describe places without using their names

Event language: Greek

Country: Greece

City: Athens

The event will be: Online

Link (for online events):

Reference person: Maria Pigaki

Role or Function: General Secretary of the Hellenic Geographical Society

Reference Organization (if any): Hellenic Geographical Society

Those who organize are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Students

Expected duration: the whole evening

Event program:

18:00 – 19:00 Online geo-gaming

19:00 – 20:00 Round e-table on Post – COVID Geographies