Country: Italia – City: Padova – Address: Italia, Padova, Via Antonio Francesco Bonporti, 22 (Cinema Multisala PioX)

Since 2020/2021 the students of the human geographic course unit Space, Place and Mobility brought about at the University of Padua have been experimenting with film-making. This screening session will include 20 short films made by students from the Master’s degrees in Local development, and Mobility Studies. The short films touch upon migration, tourist mobilities, transport infrastructures, commodities circulation and many more mobilities related topics. At the end of the session a scientific jury and a popular jury will award the best video.

Main objectives:

Filmic geographies are increasingly emerging as both a research method and a communication method. This event aims to add a pedagogic instance on the current debate concerning geography and creative methodologies, including video-making. The event is part of the Moving Knowledge/Mobility Expo supported by the Museum of Geography and the Centre for Advanced Studies in Mobility & Humanities of the University of Padua.

Event language: English

The event will be: Onsite and live streamed on Zoom

Registration link to attend the event online:

Reference person: Chiara Rabbiosi – Role or function: Professor of Space, Place and Mobilities, Università di Padova – Reference organization: Museo di Geografia

Those who organize are: Scholars, students, video-makers

Estimated starting time (local time): 4:30:00 PM

Expected duration: 60′

Event program: 2023.04.14_SpP - DEF


GeoNight code: 230105