Territori i Paisatge


Territori i Paisatge


The event will be: “Live” in presence (if allowed by the covid rules, otherwise it will be online)

Short presentation of the event: Maria Magdalena Pons Esteva, Geographer and Regional Minister of the Autonomous Government, will give a speech, with the participation of members of the UIB, AGE, Palma XXI and other local stakeholders.

Objectives: Disseminate knowledge of Geography. To promote the public debate on land use and landscape planning. To publicize the studies of Geography at the UIB.

Event language: Catalan

Country: Spain

City: Palma (Mallorca)

Link (for online events): Servei d’Activitats Culturals de la Universitat de les Illes Balears

Reference person: Macià Blázquez-Salom

Role or Function: University professor

Reference Organization (if any): Departament de Geografia, Universitat de les Illes Balears

Those who organize are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Artists, Students

Expected duration: around 2 hours, from 7 pm.

Event program: Jesús González, President of the Spanish Geographical Association, will introduce the speaker, Maria Magdalena Pons Esteve.