The world beyond our perception – the importance of thematic map-making


The world beyond our perception – the importance of thematic map-making


The event will be: Online

Short presentation of the event: Chris Brackley, cartographer in residence for Canadian Geographic magazine will look at the research, planning and development of some of the most informative and unique maps developed for Canadian Geographic magazine and its partners

Thematic cartography is a singular form of communication; of storytelling. It draws on the disciplines of geography, graphic design, journalism, photography, computer science, scientific research, demography, and history (to name a few). But what makes it most unique is the scale at which it tells stories. A scale precisely between that of human perception and the entirety of the planet. In his talk, Chris will deconstruct a selection of the thousands of maps he has created, highlighting the critical role maps can play in making real the world beyond our perception.

Objectives: Highlight the art of cartography
Focus on unique map resources developed by and for Canadian Geographic Education

Event language: English

Country: Canada

City: Ottawa

Link (for online events): Canadian Geographic Education

Reference person: Paul VanZant

Role or Function: Chair – Canadian Geographic Education

Reference Organization: Canadian Geographic Education and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts

Expected duration: 1 hour

Event program: Live on the Canadian Geographic YouTube Channel at 12:00 pm (EDT)