“Geografijos paieškos mieste”


“Geografijos paieškos mieste”

“Geografijos paieškos mieste”


The event will be: “Live” in presence (if it will be allowed by the covid rules, otherwise it will not be held)

Short presentation of the event: Aktyvus užsiėmimas mieste

Aktyvus užsiėmimas mieste


Event language: Lietuvių

Country: Lietuva / Lithuania

City: Kaišiadorys

Link (for online events): [it will be displayed here as soon as possibile]

Reference person: Violeta Krikščiūnienė

Role or Function:

Reference Organization (if any):

Those who organize are: Geography enthusiasts

Expected duration: around 2 hours

Event program: [to be be displayed here as soon as possibile]