Promoting Geography

Proposer: Ana Marinić  – Role or Function: Contact person

April 12th, 2024

Promoting Geography


Teachers from lower and higher secondary schools of our administrative region, Primorsko-goranska županija, will gather to promote geography as a subject and science. Our aim is to encourage young people to think in a geographical manner and to instill in them a love for geography.

The event will take place in the afternoon at the Dječja kuća for a duration of two hours. Visitors will have the opportunity to choose a workshop based on their interests and age. You are all welcome!



  • Astronomy 101. Presenting the basics of telescope operation, getting acquainted with recognizable constellations while observing the night sky, recounting interesting legends about our closest stars and constellations.
  • Watch out: tsunami! Simulating tsunami experiments, studying consequences, and potential protective measures.
  • Which island is it? Creating a three-dimensional model of the Kvarner Islands.
  • Fun with flags. Designing your own flag with an explanation of the meaning of colors and symbols.



• To become a competent member of the community who, aware of their responsibility towards other people and nature and respecting the principles of sustainable development, can participate in shaping functional spatial organization at various spatial levels.
• To recognize the importance of identity in a globalized society and act to preserve and promote local, regional, and national identity, while respecting diversity.
• To utilize geographic literacy, logical thinking, language and communication skills for critical reflection on spatial issues to find creative and innovative solutions in everyday life and for lifelong learning.
• To independently and in groups plan and conduct research, including fieldwork, to discover new insights about the geographical space.


Organisators and workshop facilitators:

Alenka Javor, OŠ Ivana Gorana Kovačića Vrbovsko

Ana Baraka-Ribinski, OŠ Kantrida Rijeka

Ana Marinić, OŠ Podmurvice Rijeka

Barbara Ruža Čirjak, OŠ Sveti Matej Viškovo

Davor Kolarić, OŠ Vežica

Katarina Smud, Građevinska tehnička škola

Nina Žagar, OŠ Trsat Rijeka

Robert Žagar, OŠ Čavle


Event Language: Croatian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
City:  Rijeka
Address: Croatia, Rijeka, Dječja kuća – Art kvart Benčić, Ulica Viktora Cara Emina 1A

Reference Organization (if any): Schools

Estimated starting time: 17.00.00

Duration time: around 2 hours

Those who organize the event are: Teachers

School event? Yes, it is organized with a school, or for a school (or several schools)

Comments or Notes: