Is this the right way?

Proposer: Josipa Zanki  – Role or Function: geography teacher

April 12th, 2024

Is this the right way?


The activity will take place on the streets of Zadar and is intended for students who will get to know the streets, squares, sights and paths of the city of Zadar using the instructions. Students will be divided into groups. The task for each group is to create a map of the part of the city they will explore. The map should contain the names of streets, squares and marked landmarks that they discover on their way. After completing the task, everyone should come to the same place where they will share their work with others.



Get to know the city where you live.

Event Language: hrvatski

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
City:  Zadar
Address: Hrvatska, Zadar, Odjel za geografiju Sveučilišta u Zadru

Reference Organization (if any): OŠ Smiljevac, HGD Zadar

Estimated starting time: 16.00.00

around 1 hour

Those who organize the event are: Geography enthusiasts, Students

School event? Yes, it is organized with a school, or for a school (or several schools)

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