“Explore the world/ Poznaj świat”

Proposer: Agnieszka Strzelecka  – Role or Function: Researcher, University of Szczecin

April 12th, 2024

“Explore the world/ Poznaj świat”


Our aim is to present geography as a broad and diverse field of knowledge. During the event, we want to introduce our comprehensive research approach, especially in the fiels of the marine environment exploration. We would like to draw attention to their importance in everyday life and encourage participants to make their own observation and dicoveries, combining the acquired knowledge with practice. For this reason we offer a wide range of activities including: visits to our Geological Museum, lectures, microscopy workshops, quiz and games and many more. Everyone is welcome!



1. Increasing geographical knowledge among the public.
2. Popularization of research in the field of Earth and environmental sciences, with particular emphasis on marine environment research.
3. Presenting geography as an interesting, useful and future-oriented field of study.

Event Language: Polish

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Polska (Poland)
City:  Szczecin
Address: Mickiewicza 16A, 70-383 Szczecin, Poland

Reference Organization (if any): Institute of Marine and Environmental Sciences, University of Szczecin

Estimated starting time: 12.00.00

from noon to evening

Those who organize the event are: Academics, Students

School event? Yes, it is organized with a school, or for a school (or several schools)

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