Geography, travel and dissemination in the digital world

Geography, travel and dissemination in the digital world

Short presentation of the event: The event would like to present the main channels to disseminate Geography and territorial issues today, and discuss if they fulfill their function, if there is room for other proposals, if appropriate values are transmitted, what topics (climate change, overtourism, gentrification, desertification, multiculturalism, etc.). A special section will be dedicated to travel.

Interveñen: María Hernández Hernández, Rubén C. Lois González, Miguel Pazos Otón

Lugar: Aula 9 da Fac. de Xeografía e Historia


Data: 9 de abril de 2021

Hora: 17:00-18:00

Organiza: Departamento de Xeografía

Objectives: Reflect and debate through an informal talk between the guest speakers and the general public

Event language: Galician/Spanish

Country: Galicia (Spain)

City: Santiago de Compostela

The event will be: “Live” in presence (if it will be allowed by the covid rules, otherwise it will not be held)

Link (for online events): Teams:

Reference person: Rubén C. Lois

Role or Function: Head of Department

Reference Organization (if any):

Those who organize are: Academics

Expected duration: around 1 hour

Event program: [to be be displayed here as soon as possibile] Cartel Noite da Xeografiìa-1