How to directly access your event page

Dear colleague, thank you for your GeoNight event proposal!

Each event proposer can now directly manage his/her event page on the international site

if you don’t already know the wordpress websites system, follow the instructions of this short video:

it’s as easy as writing an email!

To access your page(s) on the international website, please follow this link:

About the credentials:

USER ID: use your email address (the one you gave us with the event proposal form)

Password: only for the first login, follow this procedure to obtain the password:



[the email is the one you gave us with the event proposal form]

This procedure must only be done the first time: once you have obtained your password you can memorize it and you can always use that and, as user id, the email address you’re using now. The login page is always:

In your event page you can edit the text and add images as you like, changing the format if you want, but without profoundly changing the title or meaning of the event. You can edit your post(s), fonts, graphics, colours but you cannot create new post(s). To see examples, you can take a look at the 2023 posts HERE.
Remember to enter the link to participate if your event is online or mixed!

Please note that if you want to modify the featured image (now the GeoNight small logo), it is very important that the new image is very light and does not exceed 50 kb. It will only be shown on the homepage that is 2 or 3 centimeters in size and loading a large or heavy image could slow down or block the GeoNight site. Featured images weighing more than 50kb will be removed.

The other images you insert on your page can be larger in size and weight.

Here you can find a Graphic Kit which, if you want, you can use to create the materials for your event

If you have a question about this or other stuff, please do not write an email but use this webform.

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible.


Happy GeoNight!

The GeoNight Crew (Sara Carallo, Monica De Filpo, Arturo Gallia, Daniele Mezzapelle, Sara Nocco, Davide Pavia, Andrea Simone, Massimiliano Tabusi)