Proposer: Anita Čipak  – Role or Function: Contact person

April 5th, 2024



GeoNight by EGEA Zadar offers a diverse range of activities for participants to enjoy. At the workshop/presentation held at Students’ Club Božo Lerotić, attendees have the opportunity to delve into the world of astrophotography alongside Nata Zd, a respected local astrophotographer, and potentially other guest speakers. Following the workshop, visitors can head to the Riva to partake in a captivating night sky observation session facilitated by the Astronomical Assocciation “Zadar,” providing access to telescopes for a closer look at celestial objects. For those seeking interactive entertainment, day after they can participate in the GeoQuiz at Students’ Club Božo Lerotić to test geographical knowledge or engage in entertaining games and stay for the Space Party.



The primary aims of this event encompass introducing a wider audience to geographical terms and studies while ensuring accessibility to geographical research. It aims to foster a sense of community among students by facilitating the exchange of ideas and information. Additionally, the event offers the unique opportunity to observe the night sky and gain educational insights into astronomy. It strives to craft an engaging program that seamlessly merges geography and astronomy, catering to the interests and needs of participating students.

Event Language: English and Croatian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
City:  Zadar
Address: Croatia, Zadar, Ulica Ruđera Boškovića 5

Reference Organization (if any): EGEA Zadar, EGEA Brussels, ESN Zadar, HGD Zadar

Estimated starting time: 18.00.00

until late at night

Those who organize the event are: Students

School event? No

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