Bennünk rejlő földrajz / The Geography Within Us

Proposer: Dr. Kádár Anett  – Role or Function: organiser

April 12th, 2024

18:00-21:00 Room No. 1319

Bennünk rejlő földrajz / The Geography Within Us


Knowledge dissemination and research popularization program of the MTA-SZTE Geography Pedagogical Research Group. This program offers engaging and educational activities such as action measurements, map games, and puzzles, aiming to promote awareness and interest in geography.




Event Language: Hungarian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Hungary
City:  Szeged
Address: Egyetem str. 2.

Reference Organization (if any): University of Szeged

Estimated starting time: 17.00.00

around 1 hour

Those who organize the event are: Academics

School event? No

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