Joniskis locally and globally…

Proposer: Giedrė Motiejuitė  – Role or Function: Geography Teacher

April 12th, 2024

Joniskis locally and globally…


Students conference with the presentations about regional industrial, cultural places.



Geography, Hystory, IT, English

Event Language: Lithuanian

The event will be: Mixed (Online AND in presence)

Country: Lietuva
City:  Joniškis
Address: S.Goeso str. 2

Reference Organization (if any): Joniškio “Aušros” gimnazija

Estimated starting time: 15.00.00

the whole evening

Those who organize the event are: Geography enthusiasts, Students

School event? Yes, it is organized with a school, or for a school (or several schools)

Comments or Notes: Events will be organised outdoors, indoors and online.