Astronomical telescope presentation

Proposer: Dr. Gyenizse Péter  – Role or Function: associate professor

April 5th, 2024

Astronomical telescope presentation


During an astronomical telescope presentation, we will see Jupiter and its moons, as well as the interesting features of the winter and spring constellations. The event can only take place when the sky is completely clear.



Telescope presentation of constellations, double stars, interstellar nebulae and Jupiter.

Event Language: magyar/hungarian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Hungary
City:  Pécs
Address: Hungary, Pécs, Pécs, Ifjúság útja 6. PTE TTK Sportpálya

Reference Organization (if any): University of Pécs, Faculty of Science, Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences

Estimated starting time: 20.00.00

around 1 hour

Those who organize the event are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Students

School event? No

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