Artificial Intelligence from a Geographic Perspective: Future Challenges

April 12th, 2024

Artificial Intelligence from a Geographic Perspective: Future Challenges

This year the Eramus Mundus Joint Master on Climate Change and Diversity: Sustainable Territorial Development (CCD-STede) will host an international conference with relevant keynote speakers who will discuss the challenges posed by AI in the field of Geography and its sectors, such as participatory mapping and cartography.
Additionally, the conference will explore the consequences of introducing AI for society at large (surveillance, citizen science and social interactions), examining how city planning and habits will change, and how governments are addressing this technological advancement.

Programma of the Conference | 18.00 – 19.30 (GMT+1)

Introduced by 

  • Prof. Massimo De Marchi, Coordinator of the Eramus Mundus Program CCD-STeDe


  • Algorithmic Boundaries and Digital Sovereignty: Unveiling TikTok’s Response to Geopolitical Conflicts | Salvatore Romano, Head of Research at AI Forensics and Ph.D. student at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) – UOC in Barcelona
  • The Future of Postcolonial urbanism: From smart cities to automated urbanisation | Prof. Ayona Datta, Professor of Human Geography, University College London
  • Public Participation GIS and Participatory GIS in the era of AI | Prof. Renee Sieber, Professor of Geography, McGill University

> The conference will be online on Youtube and it will be held in English and simultaneously translted into Italian and Spanish <

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