GeoNight u OS Duro Ester

Proposer: Mirna Kovacic  – Role or Function: Geography teacher

April 12th, 2024

GeoNight u OS Duro Ester


GeoNight u OS Duro Ester’ is a set of workshops that encourage the building of a positive attitude of students towards geography. In order to provide as many geography lovers as possible, through the GeoNight we will present geographical experiments and works of our students who are at the beginning of their journey into the world of science. The event in our school aims to develop a different approach to teaching geography, encouraging a research and interdisciplinary approach. The purpose of the project is to develop the competencies of all involved students: selecting topics and content that will be the subject of their interest, improving their presentation skills, raising the level of their own knowledge and abilities.

Activities planned during the GeoNight in OS Duro Ester

– Tornado demonstration in a bottle
– Modeling of volcano with lava eruption
– Soil erosion
– Sea currents
– Demonstration of clouds, rain and snow in a bottle
– Making a simple compass with a needle in a bowl of water
– Demonstration of the hydrological cycle
– Making the model planets of the solar system
– Geography quizzes
– Guess the location
– Geography & Gastronomy
– Escape room (geo theme)



Popularization of geography through a series of practical activities. Developing a love for geographical science and scientific research. Through a series of practical activities, develop students sensibility and practical knowledge of physical geography.
– Understanding of geographical processes and phenomena, their interconnections and dependencies
– Development of responsibility towards work
– Connecting the theoretical part of the teaching material with concrete examples.
– Build the ability to express and speech skills
– Gaining security in their own abilities, knowledge and skills
– Connecting students of different ages through mutual cooperation in the implementation of the project
– Marking Earth Day

Event Language: Croatian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Croatia (Hrvatska)
City:  Koprivnica
Address: Croatia, Koprivnica, Trg slobode 5

Reference Organization (if any): Osnovna skola Duro Ester

Estimated starting time: 14.00.00

around 2 hours

Those who organize the event are: Academics, Students

School event? Yes, it is organized with a school, or for a school (or several schools)

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