Proposer: Rasa Venclove  – Role or Function: Youth worker, head of the department

April 5th, 2024



An interactive event for young people – Geocatch in the town, group presentation of dream destination in the world, movie time, musical “competition”.



To organize an interesting and attractive way to know local living area for young people and motivate them to get ready to be open for future adventures while social interaction with people of other cultures.

Event Language: Lithuanian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Lithuania
City:  Vilkaviskis
Address: Vytauto str. 26, LT-70125, Vilkaviskis, Lithuania

Reference Organization (if any): Children and Youth centre

Estimated starting time: 18.00.00

until the following morning

Those who organize the event are: Geography enthusiasts

School event? No

Comments or Notes: