Saharyjskimi piaskami Mauretanii – Geopraktyki w Afryce (en. The Saharan sands of Mauritania – Geopractices in Africa)

April 5th, 2024

Saharyjskimi piaskami Mauretanii – Geopraktyki w Afryce (en. The Saharan sands of Mauritania – Geopractices in Africa)


Geography is a complex scientific discipline, and with an interdisciplinary and unconventional approaches to its study, it becomes even more interesting. The study of geography is creative in itself and can arouse more interest. Everything is linked to the curiosity of human nature and the experience that accompanies learning and cognition. In recent years, the approach known as “Maker Education” has gained momentum and is commonly used to refer to practices and processes that emphasize one’s own ideas and the power of learning by doing. Such is the focus of the GEOpractices project which has been in the framework of progressive education for 8 years now through the creation and implementation of student science expeditions. In line with the activation of project participants, the focus is on maximizing experience, creating original projects and taking the trouble to implement them in the field. The student-doctoral GEOpractice project is part of the annual research, teaching and organizational activities of the Stanislaw Pawlowski Student Scientific Circle of Geographers (SKNG).


The main objective of the of the project was field reconnaissance of the components that make up the diversity of desert territories in terms of meteorology (Diurnal changes in air temperature and magnitude of terrain evaporation over the Terjit Oasis in the Sahara of Mauritania), virtual tourism (Virtual tour of Ancient Ouadane, Chinguetti, Tichitt and Oualata in Mauritania) and photogrammetry (3D modeling of characteristic landscape elements in the Sahara). The originators reached and inventoried the unique geological and landscape qualities of Saharan nature, which in a small part are subject to legal protection (Banc d’Arguin National Park in Mauritania, UNESCO). In 2023 students had the opportunity to conduct research and exploration of Mauritania. The country is located in the northwestern part of Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. It is an Arab country bordering Senegal, Mali, Algeria and the Western Sahara. Practically the entire area of Mauritania is Sahara desert, and because of this and other factors it is a largely inaccessible tourist destination.

At our lecture we would like to share our story of the trip, why we chose to visit a country about which you can’t even buy a tourist guide. We will introduce the culture and customs of the local people, show the richness of the desert landscapes. We will tell what we had to struggle with during the organization to this non-tourist country and whether we felt safe.


1 – Presentation and discussion of research results: the meeting is used to present new findings, analysis and conclusions from the field research (Mauritania). The main goal in this case is to present these results in a clear, understandable way for the participants (students).

2 – Exchange of knowledge and experiences: this will be an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and travel experiences. The goal will be to expand knowledge by listening to presentations, asking questions or taking short quizzes.

3 – Establishing cooperation: during the meeting we count on people from various institutions, schools, travel enthusiasts. One of the goals may be to make contacts and start collaborating on future research projects or popular science meetings.

4 – Analysis of work, results by others: discussion of the results presented, so the goal may be to thoroughly analyze, evaluate and possibly bring constructive criticism to the presentation

5 – Promotion of new ideas or concepts: the meeting can be a platform to promote new ideas, concepts and their application in practice.


Event Language: polish

The event will be: Online – link

Estimated starting time: 17:00, around: 1 hour

Those who organize the event are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Students