Rutas por la provincia de Alicante

Proposer: Pablo Giménez Font  – Role or Function: University professor

April 12th, 2024

Rutas por la provincia de Alicante


Guided tour and proposal of itineraries through different areas of the province of Alicante: Beneferri-Abanilla Wadi (flood risk), Serra Gelada (protected coastal mountain range), Cala La Mosca (Mediterranean coastline with protected species of endangered flora and fauna), Tabarca Island (nature reserve) and Cabo de Santa Pola (coastal geomorphology and landscape).

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Visita guiada y propuesta de itinerarios por diferentes zonas de la provincia de Alicante: Rambla Beneferri-Abanilla (riesgo de inundación), Serra Gelada (sierra litoral protegida), Cala La Mosca (litoral mediterráneo con especies protegidas de flora y fauna amenazadas), isla de Tabarca (reserva natural) y Cabo de Santa Pola (geomorfología litoral y paisaje)

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To provide geographic information to understand and know the territorial dynamics of the sectors analysed.

Event Language: Spanish

The event will be: Online

Country: Spain
City:  Alicante

1- Itinerario por la rambla de Abanilla (Benferri)

2- Itinerario por Serra Gelada (L’Alfas del Pi)

2- Itinerario por Cala La Mosca (Orihuela costa)

3- Itinerario por la isla de Tabarca

4- Itinerario por el Cabo de Santa Pola

Reference Organization (if any): University of Alicante

Estimated starting time: 9.00.00

If the routes are only consulted online, the estimated time is short, about 30 minutes. If the routes are done with the support of the documentation provided, it depends on each one, as there are routes that last 3 hours and others that are shorter.

Those who organize the event are: Academics

School event? No

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