IGU YECG – GEOSUS Geographical Perspectives on sustainable development


IGU YECG – GeoSUS Geographical Perspectives on sustainable development

The event will be: Online

Short brief of the event: There is cutting edge research by young and early career scholars internationally which deserves to be recognised and celebrated. Sponsored and organized jointly by the International Geographical Union Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce (IGU-YECG), this event will present an opportunity for young scholars across the world and cross-cutting disciplines to present their work in any relevant geography-related issues, but that can connect to and help public understandings of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The four speakers of this event will share their knowledge and expertise on a range of areas, including river sustainability to sustainable agriculture and climate change.

Moderator of the event : Dr Komali Yenneti 


  1. Mitigating the risk of extreme hydrological Events towards River basin sustainability : V.P.I.S. Wijeratne and Gang Li
  2. How to promote sustainable viticulture using remote sensing technologies: Eugenio Staffelini
  3. How to integrate mining activities in a more sustainable river management: Gabriela Morosanu
  4. How contemporary visualisation tools can help decision-makers in addressing climate change: Komali Yenneti


Meeting Details:

Zoom Meeting. Time: 1 Apr 2022 08:00 AM (GMT)

Meeting link:


  • Share knowledge and expertise with wider audience
  • Expand opportunities for collaboration

Event language: English

Country: United Kingdom; Sri Lanka; Romania; Italy

City: Wolverhampton

Reference person: Komali Yenneti

Role or Function: Lecturer at University of Wolverhampton, UK and Chair of International Geographical Union Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce

Those who organize are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Students

Expected duration: around 1 hour