In Natural Waters

Proposer: Monika Lehőcz  – Role or Function: President of the association

April 5th, 2024

In Natural Waters


In four ÉKKŐ places of the four regions of the Carpathian Basin we will organize a program starting at the same time and with the same thematic.
The local members of the Association will invite their friends for a pleasant walk on Friday afternoon to places where there is something interesting relating to the water or waters like a brook or river or a special island that a nature-loving man would like.
We are planning to invite a hydrobiologist or geologist to give a short presentation on the wildlife of the selected water.

We are planning a Zoom-moment as well, when everyone can be on it at the same time in this cross-border event.



The main purpose of the event is to move the XXI. century people from their home and take a special walk into nature, where the modern telecommunication devices connect us together over borders.

Event Language: Hungarian

The event will be: “Live” in presence

Country: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania
City:  Budapest, Kosice, Targu Mures, Oradea

Reference Organization (if any): ÉKKŐ Association /CooLER – Community of Life-Enhancing Relationships

Estimated starting time: 16.00.00

the whole evening

Those who organize the event are: Geography enthusiasts

School event? No

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