Participatory processes and rural heritage

Proposer: Camilla Giantomasso  – Role or Function: Research fellow

April 12th, 2024

Participatory processes and rural heritage


Rural heritage represents a unique form of cultural heritage: for centuries it has characterized the life of entire communities, while today it can be seen as a useful example for sustainable lifestyles and development models.
But what define exactly the territorial quality of such heritages? And how is it possible to promote a enhancement “from below” of these historical landscapes based on biodiversity and territorial identity?
This event, the last meeting of the podcast series “Heritage Talks. Geographical conversations on the theme of cultural heritage” supported by the Italian Geographical Society, aims to reflect on the importance of this type of cultural and natural heritage, thinking about its protection and sustainable planning.
Among the guests: Marco Picone, president of the AGEI “Territorial Identity” group and full professor at the University of Palermo; Margherita Cisani, researcher at the University of Padua; Sara Carallo and Francesca Impei, respectively researcher at the University of Roma Tre and fellow of the Italian Geographical Society, who, for the SGI itself, oversaw a project on the routes of transhumance in italian Lazio Region.

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Teaching about rural heritage and heritage processes from below

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