Il Multiverso per la narrazione dei territori. Cambiamenti, genere, migrazioni

Proposer: Luisa Carbone  – Role or Function: university professor

April 12th, 2024

Il Multiverso per la narrazione dei territori. Cambiamenti, genere, migrazioni


The geographical implications of the Metaverse are many. The Metaverse as an all-encompassing environment, rendered entirely in real time on a large scale and open to all, is little more than an idea. A complex, expensive and most likely unsustainable idea from an energetic point of view: a place capable of creating identities, rather than conveying them, of founding new personal and social relationships, of modifying attitudes and expectations, of ensuring behaviours and norms. And certainly, Geography cannot fail to question the civilization of the virtual simulacrum, in all its economic, political, digital and demographic aspects. After all, if it is true that being equals being perceived, the real challenge will be how to make the Metaverse real.

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Event Language: italian

The event will be: Mixed (Online AND in presence)

Country: Italy
City:  Viterbo
Address: Via Santa Maria in Gradi n 4

Reference Organization (if any): university

Estimated starting time: 10.30.00


Those who organize the event are: Academics, Geography enthusiasts, Artists, Students

School event? Yes, it is organized with a school, or for a school (or several schools)

Comments or Notes: the event is organized in collaboration with professors Daniela La Foresta and Maria Ronza of the University of Naples Federico II



Il Multiverso e la narrazione geografica